Pants Wi-Fi

Is it time to get some new pants?

If it is time to for you to get some new pants (we know you've got the old lucky ones with a few too many holes) let's say no to pants Wi-Fi.

The time when you could get away with saying "Free Wi-Fi" or "Wi-Fi available" is gone. For the average guest or visitor (and your own team), these are the criteria your Wi-Fi must meet.

  1. Fast - yep patients when it comes to your speeds = 0
  2. Coverage - 'total coverage' means using their devices EVERYWHERE (yep there too)
  3. Stable - drop outs or speed dips are a no-no
  4. Secure - no snooping from the baddies allowed

Seems like a fair enough list, if you said nope to any of those four elements your Wi-Fi is PANTS! 

We can help you with your pants... umm Wi-Fi that is... let's talk, book in a time to talk that suits you or call us on - 01209 20 50 70

Things to Consider Before we Talk

Most networks have a lot going on, everything is connected to the internet now!


  What is the primary reason to have Wi-Fi available? Is it for guests, EPOS, operational systems, Phones/VoIP

What else is connected to your network?

Do you have anyone actively monitoring your Wi-Fi... or your Wi-Fi complaints?

Why is my Wi-Fi pants? Have a read here 


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It's not just about WiFi

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